I’m going to friggin’ Kentucky

March 28, 2007

Sometimes life tosses you a few curveballs, and it’s fun to see where those balls take you.

That didn’t come out right.

Even so! Two major events in my college career have happened this week, week 3 of Spring Quarter, 20063. First, and most importantly, I was officially accepted into the Bachelors/Masters Dual Degree program here at RIT. This is a big event for me, since one of my major goals since I came to RIT was to gain admittance into that program. Getting in is a lovely sign that I’m doing at least one or two things right here during my academic career. Sure, classes are going to be harder from here on out, but what CE major isn’t used to that? It’s going to be a fun journey from this point on. And by fun, I am course referencing the varying degrees of mental pain I am bound to experience for the rest of my time here. Can’t wait.

The second big event that occurred is referenced in the title of this article. During last quarter, I applied for a co-op position at Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing (TEMA) North America. Initially, I was rejected for this position, and I moved on and applied to other co-ops. My journey with them did not end there, however. Today (or yesterday, more exactly. It’s currently about 1 AM) I received an e-mail from Human Resources at TEMA asking if I was still interested in an interview. I, of course, replied that I was, expecting to get a reply asking for a time I could do a phone interview, much like the Amazon reviews I went through.

This was not the case.

TEMA is flying me down to their plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, for an in-person interview with (I think) a group of people from TEMA. A group interview, which I have never experienced, and should be fun. Even so, I’m getting a free flight down to a state that I haven’t been to in a long, long time. I think I’m going to pick up a small, digital camera to take some pictures from down there, which I’ll post here as well as my Facebook profile, where anyone vaguely interested can view them.

I leave Friday, April 13th. Not the best of omens, but it should be a good experience either way.

Keep fighting the good fight, you really never know what’ll happen tomorrow.

God, that’s probably the most corny thing I’ve ever said.

I stand by it.


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