Job Fairs, Interviews, and why I’m not jumping head over heals for Microsoft

April 1, 2007

The Spring Career Fair (or Job Fair, or whatever) ar RIT happened last Wednesday, the 28th. This was the first job fair that I (and a good amount of my friends) attended. I forget how many companies were there, but according to the RIT co-op website, “over 2,000 of you attended, with 685 interviews the next day!”

I’m no math major, and while that’s a large amount of interviews, it translates to about 34% of students getting interviews; and that’s best case. That didn’t happen, because some people were able to get multiple interviews. I was lucky; I snagged two job interviews. More on that later.

The fair took place in the field house, with all manor of companies attending. Big-name companies such as Microsoft, nVidia, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, AMD, and Toyota (had to mention Toyota) as well as a lot of smaller, lesser-known companies. Most of the people at the booths were nice, friendly, pleasant people.

And then there was Microsoft.

I think I just had bad luck at that booth. The person I spoke had a very palpable “I’m better than you” manor about him, which really, really pissed me off. I like to think I’m not an angry person, but something like that really, to quote Peter Griffin, “grinds my gears.”

I don’t care who you are. The fact that you have a job at Microsoft does not make you better than me.

This event won’t, of course, stop me from applying to and trying to get a co-op or job at Microsoft; I just didn’t like one of the representatives they sent.

Oh, and on a side note, it’s kinda interesting which companies know what Computer Engineering is and which don’t. Most don’t realize we’re a CS and EE mix, some have never heard of us, and some believe we’re Information Technology majors. I don’t fault these people, and I realize that some of these companies are non-engineering firms. I just thought it was funny.

The interviews scheduled the next day were nice. The field house was converted from a bunch of booths with fancy decorations to…. a bunch of booths without fancy decorations. All the companies interviewing had their own table or two, and they called their interviewees up when the time came.

As I mentioned before, I had two interviews. These interviews were with a semiconductor firm in Rochester called Vivace Semiconductor, and my second interview was with the aerospace defense contractor Northrup Grumman. These weren’t technical interviews. The one with Vivace was simply a half-hour grilling of resume (What did you do working here, how was this course, explain this project). The interview with Northrup was a lot different; it was mostly praise for me for doing well in school and how it looked like I was a good fit for a position that they had opening sometime in the winter. Which was cool. I’m just thankful that the interviews weren’t technical. I probably would’ve cried.

Anyhow, that’s all I have for now. I meant to post this earlier after the job fair, but I didn’t have the chance (busy week). [

It’s week 4/10 here at RIT. What fun.


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