April 9, 2007

It’s Easter, and I haven’t posted for a while, so I figured I’d do a nice, simple post. Just got back from a large dinner, and I’m feeling kinda tired as it is. Sleep is good, but that’s a completely different topic

I’ve been asked a bunch of times where I got my online handle “Gatacoma” from. If you never knew (or cared), here’s your chance to find out why I choose this name as my online persona. (Note: This is a different name from my AIM name, since Gatacoma came after it, and I don’t feel like getting all my friends to the new name)

A long time ago, prolly in about middle school, I played a lot of free online games. Games such as Subspace (Now called Continuum I believe) and one of my favorite all-time online games, Infantry. You can find more about this game from Wikipedia here. Infantry was a game that resembled Subspace a lot, except that it was on-foot fighting with weapons you had to buy yourself, tanks, and all sorts of fun stuff. I really, really liked the game. I’d still be playing it if Sony didn’t start charging for it. It’s a great game, but not great enough to warrant charging for it.

Anywho, when I started playing Infantry, it was a very popular game and I couldn’t find a name that I wanted to use. I tried some cliche-type names that I thought sounds cool (Things like Firestorm and the like) but they were all (expectedly) taken. In my frustration, I slammed on my keyboard (or fell asleep and nailed it, I don’t remember) and a string of letters appeared, something like “gasdwoma”. After playing a little with that, I came to the name “Gatacoma”. It means nothing, but it is me. I’ve never seen anyone with a name remotely close to it, which gives me a bit of a sense individuality online in the communities I’m in.

Ever since, I’ve used that name for all of my online screennames. Everything from the MMO’s I’ve played (like City of Heroes and The Matrix Online) to games like Subspace, and also on less gaming type areas, such as forums. If you see the handle “Gatacoma” online, smart money says that you’re looking at me.

I can never find a decent pronunciation for it. A text-to-speech synthesizer I used said “Guh-tak-oh-ma”, I say “Gah-tuh-co-ma”, but it really doesn’t matter. Anytime I’m online, it’s usually shortened by others to just “Gah-tuh” (gata).

I find it ironic that my online handle has as many syllables as my entire real-life name has….


One Response to “Gatacoma”

  1. singheyjude Says:

    So I was reading mike’s google page and it says nothing about me. That’s right. 19 months of relationship and not a WORD. SO I realized that it MUST be because I don’t have a sweet nerdy blog like everyone ELSE he has links to. So I got one. It has the same snappy username as everything else I do.

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