15 Miles at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

April 15, 2007

…. so hears the deal.

The van made it to the airport at about 7:30. I entered the airport at about 7:31, and rushed to the ticket counter to see if my flight was still there. I found out that my flight hadn’t left yet.

Now let me give you a little sidenote. I don’t run. I never run. I really can’t run well due to problem in one of my legs, which I don’t want to explain.

However, with this knowledge from the ticket agent, I sprint.

Down escalators, to the security checkpoint. Where I promptly wait for 10 minutes for the opportunity to take my shoes and suit coat off.

One past the checkpoint, I sprint around the corner, and find that my terminal is on the other extreme end of the airport, and a train to get there just left.

Again, I sprint. Through moving walkways, past slower-moving people, and so on.

My flight leaves from terminal C, I started at A. Going past B, I had to take a shuttle to get to C, since there didn’t appear to be any other choice.

I get to terminal C. Sprinting to the gate, I look at the information window, and this is what it said:

Delta Flight 5082:
Rochester, NY
Original Departure: 7:30 PM
Now Departing: 8:00 PM

My watch reads 7:50. I made it.

Thank God.

I’m now in the air, heading back to Rochester, and this is where I end this line of blog entries. This has been a helluva day, one which I won’t forget for a long, long time. But now, I have to rest, since my laptop has gone on reserve power and I’m about to pass out as it is.

Goodnight, Everyone.


One Response to “15 Miles at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport”

  1. John Says:

    It’s “here’s the deal”, not “hears the deal”.

    I knew you would like to know that.


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