Blogging on a jet plane

April 15, 2007

I’ve really got to stop referencing a Samuel L. Jackson movie.

Oh, and if you’re curious, I’m going with a musical title theme type thing for this line of blog of entries.

Flying’s cool. As I previously mentioned, it’s been a decent amount of time since my last flight, and I was looking forward to today. The flights I’m on today (all four of them) are going to be on small airplanes. Well, at least this is what I’d imagine. The flight times for each flight doesn’t exceed 2 hours per flight, so there’s no need for a large plane. Being 6 feet tall and flying coach can sometimes be a strain. Lucky today, though. Flight has a lot of empty seats, so I get to sit by myself.

Plane’s only 4 seats wide with a middle isle, and I think a 6′ 1” ceiling. I know this because my hair got intimate with the ceiling on my way back.

I’ve really got nothing besides my own experience at the moment to talk about. Any seasoned flyer reading this probably stopped in the fourth line. It’s too early to work on the Circuits lab report for this week.


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