Kentucky on my mind

April 15, 2007

Made it here safe and sound. I’m currently sitting in the administrative building lobby of the huge Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky (I believe I read somewhere that this collection of buildings has the largest amount of floorspace in the country). I’m here a good two and a half hours early for my interview, and nothing is in walking distance of the plant. I took a cab here, so I’m rather stuck until my job interview. I should have rented a car, although I don’t know if I would’ve been able to find my way here or even get a car rental with being 20 years old.

Cab fare cost 50 freakin’ bucks on the way here…

Even though there doesn’t seem to be much to do at first glance here, the country is really, really beautiful. Rolling hills, lots of grass and such, it’s really a nice place. Good amount of horses too.

That’s honestly about it for now. I have to look over my resume and stuff for the interview, so I’m going to get on that. Also have a circuits lab report to start, which is bound to be good fun.

Beautiful day here today. I can actually see the sun*.

* Rochester, NY is known for being overcast all the darn time. Seriously.


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