No one in this state uses their turn signals

June 18, 2007

I’ve been in Kentucky for about 2 and a half weeks now, and I’ve come to a conclusion

Turn signal use in Kentucky is strictly optional.

That aside, it’s been quite a trip so far. If you haven’t been keeping score, I’m currently on Co-op for Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing in Erlanger, KY. I work as a VB.Net, SQL, and ASP.NET developer for the Facilities Engineering group. I’ve learned an incredible amount about VB and SQL, and ASP is more or less an oversight that’s built into Visual Studio, Microsoft’s primary IDE (and only one I know of).

It’s difficult and time consuming, but it’s interesting and the time flies when I do it, for better or for worse. I have a “mentor” of sorts in the past co-op, another student from RIT. Which is cool. He’s helped me a lot, and it’s allowed be to progress very quickly in learning the new languages.

Got my own apartment here, which is cool. But it also brings up another point: I know approximately no one here. I know the other co-op in my group, but honestly that’s about it. Which sucks. I need to meet people, which I find hard in this setting.

Oh, and I recently came into ownership of an Xbox 360, along with a subscription to Xbox Live gold. If you play, feel free to message me with your gamertag. We’ll get something going.

Finally, I know I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been very busy, but all of you out there who regularly check this blog, all none of you, I’ll try to update this more regularly. I promise.

And for Christ’s sake, use your turn signal.


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