Co-ops are many, many things.

July 26, 2007

In an attempt to cover the travesty that was my attempt at humor in the last post, I am going to post some information about my co-op here in Kentucky.

This job’s actually gotten pretty good as time went on. After the initial “I can’t do this” phase, it’s been pretty good here. That’s not to say this job is easy by any means; it’s probably the hardest computer science related thing I’ve done, but I think I’ve become a much better coder. And I’ve learned two new languages, so I’m going to say I came out on top on this one, knowledge wise.

Here’s some knowledge I picked up from my time here, that hopefully help people out who haven’t had a co-op yet.

1. You may or may not get a ton of work to do.
In this respect, I’m going to say I got lucky. I’m constantly hammered with various projects and maintenance, and this makes the time during the workday fly. However, from what I’ve heard from other co-ops is that this is rather rare, and you may be getting a good amount of work completely unrelated to your major.

I mean work like, making copies. Crappy stuff that a CE, CS, or EE major wouldn’t really want to do.

It’s luck of the draw there, honestly, could go either way.

2. Meeting new people is generally hard to do.
I like to think of myself as a generally social person, but I’ve met hardly anyone that I’d want to hang out with here in KY. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m the youngest person in my group, probably by at least 15 years. Also, there is no real communication between the co-ops here. There’s a council or something, but it’s a lot of talk and no action, so I’ve given up on that.

That could be just here, but I’d imagine this occurs other places as well.

3. Enjoy yourself.
I’ve seen this a bunch. People working through their lunches, not taking any breaks, staying late on Fridays, and working on stuff at home.

Don’t do that.

Seriously, my time here has been such a change of pace from the breakneck pace back at school. I can return to my apartment and just forget about work for the evening. It’s incredible. No homework, just relaxing and enjoying myself. I know I’m going to lose that during school, and I’ll miss it.

This isn’t saying to slack off. I work very, very hard during the workweek and I stay overtime when I need to. But just don’t overdo it.

That’s all I really have for now. I’m thinking of taking my blog in a different direction than it’s been in the past and commenting on current events or the like. I figure there’s a better chance people’ll read that then to hear me simply talking about my life. Just a thought. If anyone has any suggestions or topics they’d like me to give a word about, feel free to ask!


One Response to “Co-ops are many, many things.”

  1. Syp Vandy Says:

    Good advice on not working yourself too hard. Co-ops are an excellent opportunity to really find out more about a location and to give it a trial run. It could be where you end up, so why not leave with some fond memories of the place?

    Hope your co-op wraps up well. Enjoy the rest of your time there!!

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