I’m not going to get summers off for a long, long time.

August 17, 2007

With my co-op with Toyota ended, a thought came upon me: I’m not going to have a summer off until I retire.

And the odd part is, I’m fine with it.

Maybe it’s this whole “growing up” crap, but something about it reminds of when I entered middle school (grades 5-8 where I come from) and where recess did not exist. It seemed prior to that, everyone was all “What’re we going to do? No more recess!” but then we got to middle school, and our attitudes on it were “Meh.”

I know that’s probably a terrible comparison, but I think there’s some truth in there. You live with certain things for so long, and then sometimes when they’re gone, you couldn’t care less.

I mean, I worked during my summers. Maybe that was part of it. Also, maybe it is that I don’t find work as hard as school, and it seems like a vacation; at least from RIT. I honestly don’t know.

I know a lot of people from RIT, at least in my discipline and year level, are right now finishing up what I’d imagine will be their last summer vacation. I had a summer vacation slashed since I joined the RIT CE dual degree program, which forces students to start co-op a year earlier.

Any thoughts on this? I’m actually looking for some external input on this to see how people actually feel about it.

People looking at this on facebook, I highly encourage going to the actual site (gatacoma.wordpress.com) and posting any comments there. I’d appreciate it.


2 Responses to “I’m not going to get summers off for a long, long time.”

  1. Jen Says:

    I thought about that as well. But we’re still doing better than a real job on co-op, because we still get breaks in between co-op and college that end up equaling more than 2 weeks a year, which is what we’ll get when we start a real job. I don’t really miss the summer break cause, like you said, I’ve been working over the summer for so long. However, I will miss having all these breaks with absolutely nothing to do.

  2. Harezga Says:

    I can’t wait to not have summers off anymore. Though I have been working all summer for the last 6 years anyway. In the few weeks that I wasn’t working I was extremely bored anyway.

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