Insurance used to be about, ya know, insurance

August 24, 2007

This has been going through my head for some time now, and I figured that now that I have a little free time, I could write a post about it.

What in the hell is happening with insurance company advertising?

I’ve been familiar with the Insurance industry (if you could call it industry. Sector maybe?) since about the time I was born; it’s a family business of sorts. Which makes me the family oddball with going to school for an engineering discipline.

But enough about that. I recall a time when there weren’t many commercials about it. Times when Progressive was much smaller, Westfield was Old Guard, Esurance and Geico didn’t exist (at least in my knowledge), etc.

But now, everyone and their brother seems to be advertising about insurance on the TV. And some of these adds are alright. I especially enjoy the Allstate commercials (I think they’re Allstate) where people are all helping each other. But that also brings me to my issue.

When did advertising for insurance become so insanely far removed from insurance itself?

Case in point: Esurance. I just saw a commercial that involved the song “What I Like About You” by The Romantics and a montage of their cartoon character fighting villains and singing.

What. The. Hell.

All of Esurance’s commercials seem like this, with wacky off-the-wall themes that appear to me to range from “Save paper, get our insurance” and “other car insurance has become a giant mechanized monster and is blowing up a city!”

Esurance isn’t the only company that’s been going this path. Geico and their caveman commercials. I found them witty and interesting at first, but now they’ve become a beast of their own.

I’m fairly certain the newest one I’ve seen doesn’t even advertising insurance. At all. The commercial tells you to go to a website at the address

I took a venture there, and it actually appears to be a fairly quality site. However, I think it’s going a bit to far away from the company itself.

Maybe that’s just it. Maybe the fact that the advertising is so far removed from the product itself helps it. I remembered it due to that. It doesn’t make me want to purchase from them, but it makes me remember them. I don’t know if that’s successful or not.

I think that insurance companies should try to instill confidence in their product with their ads, not make them think of a wacky caveman party or a woman with pink hair fighting giant robots.

If you want to see a good commercial, keep a lookout for Allstate’s commercials. I think that they are the prime example of what I’m talking about.

Now I’ll kindly step off my soapbox and end this rant.


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