Plane rides, hotels, and getting searched by the TSA

February 7, 2008

My luggage got searched by the TSA. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if they wouldn’t have put a little flyer saying they did. I don’t exactly pack in the most… organized manner, but still. I took a picture of the flyer, so I’ll post that here if I can.

TSA Search FlyerTSA Search Notice

The hotel we’re in is called the “El Tropicano Riverwalk” and is a Holiday Inn hotel. It’s not really in the best part of town, and it’s a decent walk to any of the Riverwalk nightlife. I think it’s enough, though. I’ve stayed nights in worse places, so I have no real complaints. Apparently, many of my coworkers have issues with their rooms, but I must’ve gotten lucky. I took some pictures of the room also, and I’ll post them if I can.

0520 Hotel pic 1Pic 1

520 Hotel Photo 2Pic 2

524 Hotel PicPic 3

524 Hotel PicPic 4

526 Hotel PicHuge Bathroom

528 Hotel ViewAwesome View

Nothing really going on tonight, just mostly getting ready of the beginning of the conference tomorrow. Apparently, a bunch of TEMA people are going out as a group soon to get some dinner, and they invited me to come. They’re leaving soon, so I have to cut this entry rather short. I’ll write more when I can, but right now, it’s time to go out and get some food with some coworkers.

Who wants to stay cooped up in a room anyway?


One Response to “Plane rides, hotels, and getting searched by the TSA”

  1. John Says:

    Dude, do you *never* fly? I’m pretty sure I’ve had those little things in my luggage on every trip I’ve taken.
    Oh, and there’s nothing better than a conference… couple days in a different place with interesting people all on the company money. I see you’ve taken a leaf out of my book and written up yours too. I won’t press charges this time.

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